Speed Strike Wheels are specifically designed to counter problems related to some factory fitted closing wheels

More effective seed slot closing through gentle tilling and improved seed to soil contact

Some factory fitted closing wheels provide soil shifting but not trench closing , the Ezyflo Speed Strike wheel not only closes but digs and pushes the soil toward the seeds in both damp and hard to close soil types.

The ridged edges on our closing wheel minimize trench glazing and maximize seed germination ensuring that all seeds germinate at the same time….speeding up the start to your crop.

Speed Strike wheels offer more penetration in heavy residue than the normal round closing wheels on the market and our trials show better seedling mergence in heavy trash loads and well as a superior result in hard clay type soils that are normally difficult to close.

When fitted to a double disc Speed Strike Wheels reduce the common problem of trench cracking in hard or hot seeding conditions, ensuring small seedlings aren’t exposed to the drying summer heat, so perfect for sorghum, corn and cotton cropping.

We manufacture our wheels from a hard Bisalloy steel to offer greater wear, and they are easily fitted up to your existing machine.

These durable closing wheels are available to fit JD, Excel and Serafin machines manufactured from 400 Bisalloy steel here in Australia to suit our tough planting conditions.

Ideal for closing after gas and fertilizer.

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